Download Dragon Nest Awake Mobile v1.11.0 Apk

 Download Dragon Nest Awake Mobile v1.11.0 Apk. Dragon Nest is an online MMORPG that arrived first on the PC, but now Dragon Nest android has been released officially. Although the official but this game has not been released globally and still use the Chinese language. Hopefully later, the English version released globally so that lovers can play Dragon Nest without difficulty. The download link for this game is also not yet available in the Play Store.

Download Dragon Nest Awake Mobile v1.11.0 Apk

 Dragon Nest Awake Mobile is the result of cooperation and Tencent EYDENTITY GAME GAME. Although this version of android, but the developers still retain its features as the PC version, such as the NPC, PVP SYSTEM, and others. Because the features are still the same course exciting game Dragon Nest Awake apk does not lose with Dragon Nest PC. This is a nice android online RPG, if you want RPG Offline, you can see my previous post titled Download RPG Mod Offline Apk.

Dragon Nest Awake Mobile Features
1. Shock cool action experience: up to seventy kinds of skills, any combination of convergence, with a gorgeous and fun with the move experience
2. classic drama to reproduce: "Dragon Valley" hand tour will restore inherited the Dragon Valley huge world view and deep history, classic world view, characters, the story will be perfect inheritance and wonderful remodeling.
3. Warm and gorgeous style: warm and beautiful art scene, authentic original tour to restore the art style.
4. Deep player interaction: players in the mobile side will be able to have a rich social experience.
5. Rich system settings

Download Dragon Nest Awake Mobile Apk

Download Dragon Nest Awake Apk

Game Info:
Genre : RPG
Size : 630 mb

How to Install Dragon Nest Awake Mobile Apk

1. Download game apk
2. Install apk file
3. Open the game, sign in with WeChat accpunt or QQ account
4. Play the game

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