Best Small Online Games For Android

 Best Small Online Games For Android. Now is the era of online games. Only with the capital of a smartphone, you can already play online games anytime and anywhere. Of course there are so many apk online games available on the Google Play Store, maybe you are confused about which to choose. There are small online games and there are HD online games that need a high OS specification and large space. But the more android smartphone users who like the small online games with good graphics, smooth no bugs, good servers and no cheats.

 Because there are many free online games, I will give some good online game recomendation and according to criteria of many people. In addition, the game that I will show is an online game that has been downloaded millions of times and become a favorite online game Well, just take a look at what best small online games for android will I recommend to you.

1. Walking War Robots (War Robots)

Best Small Online Games For Android

 Robots 6Vs6 battle game. There are 12 players online who are in one arena. 12 players are divided into 2 groups, namely red and blue. Red is the enemy. The mission in this game is to take a flare, both white and red. Game time is 10 minutes and will end if no enemy is left or enemy red bar runs out. There are many kinds of cool robots and also unique weapons provided. Players can upgrade to robots, weapons or shields. The 3D view is great and it is very exciting. Until now, I still love to play this game.

2. Mobile legends

Best Small Online Games For Android

 An online RPG similar to DOTA. Its mission is to destroy the main tower of the opponent. Online game 5vs5 also has many fans. Not a few android users who play this game. There are many great characters in Mobile Legends. Each character has different capabilities. Players can not upgrade but the player level will go up while fighting. There are not many battle arenas and chat features. Players can invite friends to play with one team.

3. Dream League Soccer 2017

Best Small Online Games For Android

 This is one of my favorite online games. Complete features and graphic quality are pretty good. This game can be played online and offline. If you play online, then you can compete with other players in real time. This is really exciting because it can fight other players that we do not know the ability.

4. Clash Royale

Best Small Online Games For Android

 Online game 1vs1 is very popular stout people, including my brother. The size is small, the graphics are pretty good and the characters that exist in this game are quite unique. In this game the player must collect the card in which the character of the card will appear when played, of course the players must prepare a deck of cards that will be used before the battle. There is a clan system and between friends a clan can compete. That's one that makes this game exciting and enthused by many people.

5. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Best Small Online Games For Android

 Of course you are not familiar with Yu-Gi-Oh! This is a very popular anime themed about dueling a monster card. A card possessed by a character is able to show its form. In the game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links you guys will be presented with a great card game and karater taken from the anime Yu-Gi-Oh !. If you like the card game, then play this online card game on this one.

6. Uno & Friends

Best Small Online Games For Android

 You like to play Uno but have no friends to play with? You can install Uno & Friends apk games and play them online. You can fight Uno players from all over the world. The level has no effect on the game so that you can fight against players who are much higher level. High levels are not guaranteed to win. I think this is very exciting and includes the best small online games for android.

7. Crisis Action

Best Small Online Games For Android

 This is an online FPS game for android. If you like shooting games like Point Blank, Counter Strike or similar games, you can play Crisis Acion because this game is the best FPS android version. Funny and many play it. There are many types of weapons and characters. Play it now.

8. 8 Ball Pool

Best Small Online Games For Android

 This is one of the smallest online games for android that you have to play, especially the billiard lovers. You can compete 1 on one with another player who is online. Opponents are taken at random. 8 Pool is the best online biliard game for android, and currently 8 Ball Pool game is on the rise.
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