Download Tahu Bulat Mod Bleach

 Download Tahu Bulat Mod Bleach. On this sunny morning, I will share a relaxed game for android. There are no special missions to be sorted out every day so you can play this game anytime and anywhere. The name of this game is "Tahu Bulat". But this is different from the Tahu Bulat v9.2.0 Mod that I once shared. Mod this time a little different because the characters that exist in this mod version is a character in the anime Bleach. The characters in the film Blecah have their respective roles in this Tahu Bulat Mod apk.

Download Tahu Bulat Mod Bleach

 Perhaps you are curious as to what if the character Bleach sells tofu, LOL. It might be fun if you play this game on your android phone. For those who like to eat round tofu, then you can play this game with little difference. Of course in this game also has mod unlimited money and you can play this game offline.

Icon changed
New splash
New map day and night : Soul Society
New Cars : 1, 2, dan 3
New Tent : 1,2,3 dan 4
Seller : Kisuke Urahara

Buyer :
- Renji Abarai
- Ichigo Kurosaki
- Rukia Kuchiki
- Kon ( Ichigo's pet )
- Sosuke Aizen
- Grimmjow
- Ulquiorra
- Hitsugaya
- Neliel
- Ishida
- Gin Ichimaru

Download Tahu Bulat Mod Bleach

Game Information:
Genre :Simulation
Mod by : Rezka Accelerator

How To Install:
  1. Download game apk
  2. Install apk
  3. Play

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